DR1026OC - 10" by 26" Over-Circle Double Radius Single Axle Mild Steel Guard

by: Mr Mudguard

New round cold rolled fenders / guards Made from 14 gauge bright mild (form bright) mild steel

Over-circle: The circumference of the fender extends past the maximum diameter - it is greater than a perfect half circle.

Double Radius: When the fenders have a radius on both outer and inner edges of at least 30mm

Flat Top: Fenders are flat across the top

Use: Hot rod, custom bike, mini tubs, custom street, mini trucks

Part Number: DR 10 26 OC


Width – 10 Inches / 254 mm
Length – 26 Inches / 661 mm
Height – 16.5 Inches / 418 mm
Stretch Out – 48.75 / 1238 mm
Gauge – 14 / 1.98 mm USG
Weight : 4 Kg

*Stretch out is the distance from the front lip of the guard over the top around to the back lip (circumference)

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